Terms of Service

You confirm that you are over 18 years of age and competent to enter into contracts.

  • You understand that nothing in any communication with me is to be construed nor is intended as medical, psychiatric, legal, financial diagnosis or advice. If you need advice in such areas, please consult with an appropriately licensed professional.
  • I will not address questions regarding sports or lottery predictions, gambling, criminal activity, or dates of death.
  • You understand that my work is done with tools to tap into your intuition or higher wisdom and that I am giving you my best interpretation of the information I receive. I am not a ‘fortuneteller’ who ‘predicts’ the future. You are the ultimate judge of the value of the information and insights you receive and you have the choice to act on them or not as you wish. You are ALWAYS in charge of your destiny.

Confidentiality: I do not share your name or identifying details without your permission.

Readings and Consultations

Payment: I do not honor appointments until payment has been received. Payment must be received a minimum of 72 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Rescheduling: Life happens. I will work with you to reschedule your appointment just as long as you give me a minimum 24 hours notice. Simply send me an email at ellen [at] practicalastrologyandtarot.com

Cancellation: When you make an appointment, I plan my schedule around it and make the time unavailable to other clients. To be fair to them and to me, if you cancel or are a no-show at the time of your scheduled appointment, you forfeit your fee.

My Promise: When you choose to work with me, I give you my time, focus and energy. In the case if astrological readings, I also put in a substantial amount of prep time in advance of our meeting. I want the best for you and I receive great satisfaction in helping you move forward.

Nonetheless, as a result and because of the nature of this work, I do not offer refunds.

I want you to feel positive about working with me. If you are not sure whether I am right for you, please re-read the information on this website, read my blogs, and listen to me on BlogTalk Radio and other places where you can get a feel for my personality and approach.