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Martin Luther King and the Beat Goes On

By Ellen Zucker | January 20, 2014

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Day where, for a day, schools, banks and government offices close, and amidst the sales, we acknowledge his accomplishments.

Some media is acknowledging that King was far more revolutionary than he is generally credited. Joan Walsh of Salon comments on his August 1967 speech in which he levels harsh criticism against the American economic system and its unequal distribution of wealth.

Today as many of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society programs such as Medicare, Food Stamps, etc, reach their 50th anniversary, the existence of poverty and an increasingly unbalanced distribution of wealth and power are once again creating headlines.

In 1967, Uranus and Pluto, the two harbingers of deep seated unrest and change were conjoined in Virgo. This conjunction was one of the planetary signatures that signalled the turbulence of that decade.

The square, or 90 degree aspect, brings to the surface and challenges that which was started at the conjunction. The rightwing pushback regarding women’s reproductive rights, the legitimization of LGBT people in US society, along with a widening economic divide between the ultra rich and poor and erosion of the middle class are just some of the Uranus/Pluto themes currently playing out that have roots back to the 60’s and prior.

The civil rights movement itself is closely tied to the Uranus/Pluto cycle. The 60’s were well known for the civil rights struggle of which Dr. King was a major figure. Now, 40 years later, he has been canonized and sanitized and the oval office is occupied by the first African American president. Meanwhile the Supreme Court’s overturning of the Voter Rights Act demonstrates that equal access to the voting booth is still not a done deal. These are themes being worked out as American society adjusts to and fights against deep-seated social and economic change.

In 2014, the Uranus/Pluto square is in a critical phase. We have been buffeted by their disruptive energy all during this decade, but 2014 will bring many turning points as the square touches the US chart directly.

Stay tuned.

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