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Mars Retrograde

By Ellen Zucker | March 6, 2014

2014 brought with it an unbroken string of personal planet retrogrades extending throughout the first half of the year. Retrogrades denote energy moving inward rather than outward. Back burner issues, people from the past magically show up in our lives.

Mars will be retrograde from March 1 through May 19th.

Here your task is to revisit the way you assert yourself, how and what you desire. Mars is the planet of war and passion. Thwarted desire results in anger. So Mars is also concerned about how you and others handle anger.

An issue from the past, still festering, will provide the vehicle. Because of this retrograde, Mars is hanging around Libra until late July. Dealings with others on a one-to-one basis is highlighted here. Libra’s normal predisposition to second-guessing and difficulty making a decision are heightened.

Look for hesitation and overreaction, two sides of the same coin, both common manifestations of Mars retrograde.

Under Mars retro, some people experience a drop in energy or lack of enthusiasm. As a result, conventional astrological wisdom cautions against beginning a new business or new project as you may not have the usual passion to carry it through.

Pay attention to your reactions and what your body is telling you. Let go when necessary. And keep in mind that exercise is a wonderful outlet for
stress and frustration.

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