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Love in the Stars: Sun Sign Compatibility

By Ellen Zucker | February 8, 2015

So, you just met Prince (or Princess) Charming and you wonder… I’m a Pisces, can I possibly be compatible with Gemini?

The question makes sense. After all, if your experience is like mine, your introduction to astrology is through newspaper sun sign columns. And for many of you reading this post, those sun sign columns defines much of what you know of astrology.

Ah, if only it were so simple.

Alas, we are much more complex than our sun sign descriptions. After all as human beings, we are multi-dimensional creatures. And bringing two people together with their quirks and contradictions…

Astrologer Rob Hand argues that not only do you have to assess the compatibility between two birth charts, but there are other factors to consider. Such as:

Are both partners open and ready? Anyone who has dated more than ten minutes has run into someone who initially says and does the right things but you later discover is emotionally unavailable. Or maybe it’s you who discovers that you really didn’t want to be tied down…

Do you have what the other person needs (and vice versa)? You can write a doctoral thesis on this one. Look for a resonance between chart patterns such as Sun/Mars, Moon/Mars, etc.

Are the charts sympatico? Synastry, a technique where the elements of the two charts are analyzed for compatibility is used here. Where does your partner’s planets and sensitive points fall in your chart (and vice versa?). Your partner’s Sun conjoins your Moon, beautiful. But your Pluto on their Sun, not so much.

And then, there is the relationship chart. Different astrologers have their favorites. The composite is a popular technique. This is a chart created by blending the birth charts of each partner (the midpoint of the two moons becomes the moon position for the composite chart’s moon, for example).

This chart is a chart of the relationship. That chart can be read on its own but also analyzed in tandem with each of the partner’s charts.

So, where does sun sign compatibility fit in? It’s a small part of the synastry analysis. So, in this example, you might note that Pisces and Gemini, both mutable signs, are in incompatible elements (water vs. air). Pisces is sensitive and operates in the realm of feeling, whereas Gemini operates in the realm of thinking and communicating. There’s an element of tension as Gemini is generally very chatty and social while Pisces needs its quiet and solitude from time-to-time.

But if the Gemini partner has its Moon in Pisces, it too will share some of Pisces’s Sun’s needs. And so, the sun sign incompatibility is mitigated.

As you see, the analysis of relationship potential for any two people is as complex and tangled as the actual relationships that the charts represent.

Such is the beauty and frustration of being human.

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