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What happens when you look at a Tarot card and draw a blank?

By Ellen Zucker | March 11, 2010

It is wonderful and magical when a Tarot spread’s images speak directly to you and the issue at hand. But sometimes you stare at the cards… and get nothing.

This experience happens to highly skilled and experienced readers as well as novices.

You may draw a spread and the cards just do not hang together. You cannot get a sense of the story behind the pictures–the cards just seem to be a jumble.

Or you draw a card whose message seems at odds with your understanding of the situation at hand.

First, look at your mindset at the time you were laying down the cards.

Were you focused on your question or was your mind wandering? If you were distracted or your mind was scattered, then your spread may contain fragments of answers to more than one question.

Or maybe you were trying to focus in one issue, but you are preoccuppied with another. In that case the Tarot will answer the question asked by your unconscious.

Or, you were fixed on a particular message and the cards seem to be conveying something very different.

But if you were focused on the matter at hand and a card or a spread does not make sense to you, note the cards and your question and reactions in your journal.

You have several options. You can meditate on the cards and see if a solution is revealed to you.

You can play with the cards–create a story from the cards’ images. Make it up and suspend your conscious awareness of the circumstances that gave rise to your reading.

You can research what other people have written about the card. There may be another context to the image that will make more sense to you. Knowing about the historic and metaphysical background of the card’s image, symbolism, even color, can widen your understanding.

Lastly, if you still draw a blank, you can walk away. Later you can come back after you have had time for your unconscious mind to work on it.

Sometimes an image does not reveal its meaning until your situation is further along.

If the card that is troubling you represents an actual person and the card does not seem to describe that person at all, suspend your disbelief for now and silently observe how the circumstances play out and that individual’s role in it.

You may not have seen this side of that individual or the circumstances are bringing out an unfamiliar side of that person. This can occur even if you know that person well.

Keep in mind that the Tarot is a direct pipeline to your intuition. The cards that you choose will reflect your state of mind. And they will also reveal information your unconscious picks up that your conscious mind is not yet aware.

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3 Responses to “What happens when you look at a Tarot card and draw a blank?”

  1. James Ricklef Says:
    March 21st, 2010 at 12:41 am

    As a humorous aside to this, once during a Tarot class I was teaching, I mentioned the problem of drawing a blank when you do a reading. One student glanced quickly through her deck, then raised her hand and said (in total seriousness), “My deck doesn’t have a blank card.”

  2. Ellen Zucker Says:
    March 21st, 2010 at 12:52 am

    But sometimes the reader has a blank mind, LOL!

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