How I Work

Astrologers, Tarot pros, and metaphysical practitioners come in many flavors and work with their clients in many ways. No practitioner is right for every client.

I see my role as your partner using the tools of astrology and Tarot to help you tap into your higher wisdom so that you can live the richest and most fulfilling life possible.

When you are able to tap into your higher wisdom it is easier for you to take your life into your hands so that you make better decisions and operate from a place of strength. Your strength – your center – is your connection with your spiritual core. Your intuition or higher wisdom is the voice in which it speaks.

Think of me as your intuition guide using my tools to amplify the voice of your intuition so you can hear it over the static.

Since you are always the master of your destiny, you are completely free to take the insights and apply them however you see fit.

Astrology and Tarot are excellent tools that shed light on an infinite variety of issues, but there are some areas I choose not to address.

I do not answer questions regarding sports or lottery predictions, gambling, criminal activity, or dates of death.

Also, I do not offer medical, psychiatric, legal, financial diagnosis or advice. If you need advice in such areas, please consult with an appropriately licensed professional.

Please visit the Services & Offerings page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.