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Ellen Says: Week of November 19-25, 2012

By Ellen Zucker | November 20, 2012

This week brings the Thanksgiving Day holiday for those of you who live in the US.
I love this holiday because it is a reminder that the glass is half full.
Oftentimes, stepping back to take stock of what you do have and take for granted is excellent therapy. If you’re having trouble getting started, be sure to tune in to PBS and watch Ken Burns brilliant documentary The Dust Bowl. It will definitely put things into perspective.

This week brings endings and new beginnings. The Sun exits Scorpio for the sunny skies of Sagittarius while Venus gets serious in Scorpio. And Neptune, King of the Ocean’s depths is still a key player, asking you to pay attention to your dreams and listen to that quiet voice within. Another bonus: artists and creative types will find it easy to access their creativity.

Mon, Nov 19th: If you are able to remain focused then little will escape your eagle eye. Let your gut do the talking and take good notes.
Tues, Nov 20th: You will learn a great deal by focusing on the wants and needs of others but you will learn even more by digging deep and being honest with yourself. Moon moves into Pisces at 11:55 am turning you into a psychic sponge. Tie up loose ends.
Wed, Nov 21st: This is a day of shifts. We begin to feel the holiday spirit as Sun enters upbeat Sagittarius and we want to be able to commit to important relationships in our life.
Thurs, Nov 22nd: Happy Thanksgiving. Dreams may be vivid this morning, keep a notepad by the bed. The moon is void all day, kick back, relax, and don’t take anything too seriously. This is supposed to be what holidays are for, aren’t they?
Fri, Nov 23rd: Engage brain before opening mouth or taking action as passions and energies are high. Watch out for combative early morning Black Friday shoppers. Uranus/Pluto issues are prone to kick up.
Sat, Nov 24th: Hanging out with grownups or being one yourself results in long-term dividends. The moon is void all day so pay attention to ideas percolating up but refrain from taking action.
Sun, Nov 25th: Moon enters Taurus and the decibel level goes down a notch even if people are fixed in their opinions. What is important is being true to your sense of integrity rather than worrying about what others think.

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