Ellen Says: Week of November 19-25, 2012

By Ellen Zucker | November 20, 2012

This week brings the Thanksgiving Day holiday for those of you who live in the US.
I love this holiday because it is a reminder that the glass is half full.
Oftentimes, stepping back to take stock of what you do have and take for granted is excellent therapy. If you’re having trouble getting started, be sure to tune in to PBS and watch Ken Burns brilliant documentary The Dust Bowl. It will definitely put things into perspective.

This week brings endings and new beginnings. The Sun exits Scorpio for the sunny skies of Sagittarius while Venus gets serious in Scorpio. And Neptune, King of the Ocean’s depths is still a key player, asking you to pay attention to your dreams and listen to that quiet voice within. Another bonus: artists and creative types will find it easy to access their creativity.

Mon, Nov 19th: If you are able to remain focused then little will escape your eagle eye. Let your gut do the talking and take good notes.
Tues, Nov 20th: You will learn a great deal by focusing on the wants and needs of others but you will learn even more by digging deep and being honest with yourself. Moon moves into Pisces at 11:55 am turning you into a psychic sponge. Tie up loose ends.
Wed, Nov 21st: This is a day of shifts. We begin to feel the holiday spirit as Sun enters upbeat Sagittarius and we want to be able to commit to important relationships in our life.
Thurs, Nov 22nd: Happy Thanksgiving. Dreams may be vivid this morning, keep a notepad by the bed. The moon is void all day, kick back, relax, and don’t take anything too seriously. This is supposed to be what holidays are for, aren’t they?
Fri, Nov 23rd: Engage brain before opening mouth or taking action as passions and energies are high. Watch out for combative early morning Black Friday shoppers. Uranus/Pluto issues are prone to kick up.
Sat, Nov 24th: Hanging out with grownups or being one yourself results in long-term dividends. The moon is void all day so pay attention to ideas percolating up but refrain from taking action.
Sun, Nov 25th: Moon enters Taurus and the decibel level goes down a notch even if people are fixed in their opinions. What is important is being true to your sense of integrity rather than worrying about what others think.

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Ellen Says: Week of November 12-18, 2012

By Ellen Zucker | November 12, 2012

Take a moment to give thanks to our veterans who have endured so much sacrifice to preserve this country and our our freedom, not to mention an excuse for retailers to hold another set of sale events.

Well folks, we survived Hurricane Sandy and the presidential elections, thank God, are behind us.
Now it is time to dust yourself off and get up on your feet because this week brings new beginnings.
A new moon takes place tomorrow–and all new moons give you the opportunity of a monthly fresh start.
But this new moon is special–it is a solar eclipse, an event that happens only twice a year and, if it impacts your chart directly, a new door opens.

Mon, Nov. 12: Moon creeps into Scorpio at 6:10 am and it is time to take off rose colored glasses and get serious. Intuition is heightened and the time for beating around the bush is over. Allocate space today and tomorrow to take care of financial matters.

For more, listen to my November Monthly Astrological Overview this Wednesday.

Tues, Nov. 13: The solar eclipse at 22 degrees of Scorpio is, is a new beginning for those with planets and angles between 17 and 27 degrees of fixed (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo). Even if you are not directly impacted, the month ahead is an excellent time to complete end of year tax planning, budgeting, reexamining your commitments with creditors and insurance companies, cleaning out the attic, and delving into intractable problems.

With Mercury square Neptune, it’s best not to believe everything you hear. Also issues related to unfinished business from October 29th may come up (Sandy anyone?).

Wed, Nov. 14: Keep a notepad by your bed to record dreams as you awaken. Despite feeling fuzzy upon awakening, Moon has moved into Sagittarius and moods are lighter all round. An open attitude can lead to a breakthrough or at least a new approach to an old problem. Nonetheless, just be aware that the real action is taking place just below the happy surface.

Thurs, Nov. 15: A smooth, relatively calm day. Yesterday’s upbeat tone continues.

Fri, Nov. 16: The moon has moved on to practical, get-down-to-business Capricorn by the time you awaken.

Intensity returns and moods move id different directions throughout this astrologically jam-packed day. Issues that had come to a head in late June and mid-September come up again. Mars moves into Capricorn for a six week stay pushing on us to deliver what we have already promised. Mars visit in Capricorn is also an excellent opportunity for strategic planning.

Sat, Nov. 17: Mercury has reached its halfway point in its retrograde cycle. Look for turning points. Take some time out this morning to honor the intuitive, creative side of yourself.

Sun, Nov. 18: Moon moves into Aquarius at 7:10 am. No man is an island and if you don’t take the time to do so periodically, the morning through early afternoon is an excellent time to reach out to your social networks: both real and virtual. This comes to a halt when Moon squares Saturn this pm at 4:10 pm and the focus shifts to your ability to be emotionally self-reliant.

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Ellen Says: Week of November 5-11, 2012

By Ellen Zucker | November 4, 2012

Is it wild or what?

Last week’s full moon on October 29th was tied in with the Uranus/Pluto square, bringing super high tides just in time for the peak of Hurricane Sandy.

I’ve been writing and speaking about Uranus/Pluto for months. With such a configuration, quick moving transits such as a full moon will set it off, but it is difficult to know which will set off the biggest fireworks. Or, in this case, waterworks.

It didn’t help that Neptune, planet of the oceans squared Mercury (wind, chatter – and yes, the TV talking heads were a-chattering away). Mercury was in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius which tends to make things larger.

My heart goes out to all those who suffered during this Frankenstorm.

This week we have the human generated Frankenstorm of the US presidential election. I hope I am wrong on this, but there is a large potential for confusion. First, Mercury turns retrograde on election day. Results that appear to flow in one direction may reverse themselves. But since Mercury itself reverses itself again three-and-a-half weeks later it is quite possible that the results might, also.

Adding to the confusion is that Neptune, planet of oceans, fog and obfuscation is square Mercury. I will have a lot more to say when I review the results and give my monthly astrological overview.

Mon, Nov 5th: People come out of their shells when the moon enters Leo at 2:39 om. Lots of chatter tonight as Moon trines Mercury, but responsibilities must be tended to.

Tues, Nov. 6th: Election day. Please get out and vote. Your voice counts. Nervous optimism and changing moods characterize the day. Mercury turns retrograde. Not all is what it seems. Just trust that you don’t have the complete story.

Wed, Nov. 7th: The Moon is void all day. After the all of frenetic activity take the well deserved opportunity to catch your breath.

Thurs, Nov. 8th: Moon in Virgo trines Pluto. Many a large investigation began with the discovery of a seemingly insignificant detail. Be observant.

Fri, Nov. 9th: Venus in trine with Jupiter is the Universe’s way of telling you to have faith; that there will be enough to sustain you.

Sat, Nov. 10th: Moon moves into Libra and we want to play nice. But an nagging issue from last week comes up.

Sun, Nov. 11th: Pay special attention to your dreams this morning as Neptune is readying to move forward once again.

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Ellen Says: Week of Oct 22-28, 2012

By Ellen Zucker | October 22, 2012

October is moving right along. Just as it was beginning to get comfortable, another shift takes place. Tonight, Sun shifts from Libra to Scorpio. Libra’s detachment now gives way to Scorpio’s intensity. It feels like it’s tie to make or break. Libra equivocation makes way for Scorpio’s demand for wholehearted commitment. The time for bullsh*t is over.

After all, as any medical professional knows, to heal one must first cut out dead tissue and clean out the wound–sometimes ruthlessly, something that Scorpio does with relish. But then Scorpio can do its healing. And folks, Scorpio can heal like no other… And then there is its third mode: to rise from the ashes as the Phoenix.

Aside the introduction of another jolt of Scorpio, the real theme of the question of the week is the question “what’s the truth?”

There is the the kind of truth represented by being brought up by hard reality, such as the person in denial about a drinking problem being stopped for drunken driving. Then there is the inner truth represented by your intuition; that beckons you to live an authentic life. This week brings an interesting interplay between the two.

Lastly, a heads up: Mercury turns retrograde on November 6th. (Yes, folks, that’s election day). Best to complete major purchases, contract negotiations and communications before month-end or wait until after the US Thanksgiving.

Mon: Tie up those loose ends as Sun readies itself to exit Libra. At 8:14pm the Sun enters Scorpio and your inner voice speaks a bit louder.

Tues: Wake up a few minutes early to capture your dreams on a notepad and keep an ear out for the quiet voice within. Sun aligns with Neptune and we are in tune with inner realities.

Wed and Thurs: Moon enters Pisces prolonging the focus on the inner self. But duty calls as Sun is moving up to meet stern Saturn. Try as we might, no shirking responsibilities now.

Fri: The fog lifts at 3:31pm when moon enters Aries and we feel energized.

Sat and Sun: Puzzle pieces have fallen into place and you’re ready to act. But with Mars opposing Jupiter, it is easy to bite off more than you can chew.

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Ellen Says: Week of Oct 15-21, 2012

By Ellen Zucker | October 14, 2012

We kick off the week with a new lunar cycle. This monthly fresh start is a new moon at 22 degrees of Libra. In this lunar cycle the focus is on one-to-one partnerships and your commitments to them. Libra’s boss, Venus, is in detail-oriented Virgo highlighting the necessity of paying attention to minutiae. It reminds you the huge role that wellness – both yours and that of your partner plays in the health of your relationship whether it be a personal or business one.

Now that Saturn has shifted into Scorpio, commitments must be total. If you are not ready to sign the dotted line, it is quite alright to go slowly so you can thoroughly research what you are getting into. With Venus in Virgo the devil is in the details and with Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio, some of those details are likely to be financial.

To quote former President Reagan, “trust but verify.”

Nonetheless, this is also a week where you can look ahead and move forward. The Mars/Uranus connection that is strong this week supports creative problem solving and adopting change.

Mon, Oct 15: The new Moon at 8:03 am delivers a boost of energy to jump start the work week. This new moon brings in an upbeat note as Mars trines Uranus. Bringing something new or looking at things from a different perspective is very liberating. Now is the time to push beyond you comfort zone.

Tues, Oct 16: Good day for intense exchange. Be sure you are ready to commit to your promises.

Wed, Oct. 17: The Scorpio moon is void until 8:26 pm. Good day for some quality alone-time. From time-to-time, everyone needs time to tune into that quiet inner voice.

Thurs, Oct 18: Energy feels lighter now that moon has moved into Sag touching Mars and Uranus. The Sag moon makes it easier to step back and see how the pieces fit together while the Mars/Uranus combo pushes you to expand your horizons.

Fri, Oct. 19: Yesterday’s vibe continues. Enthusiasm is infectious.

Sat, Oct 20: The moon has shifted to Capricorn and the emphasis is on the practical. Use these last remaining days of Sun’s Libra journey to strengthen the balance in an important partnership or with a significant other.

Sun, Oct 21: Pay attention to commitments you have made or are considering with a friend or partner. It is important to be responsible but not promise more than you can deliver. Others are depending on you to live up to your word.

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Ellen Says: Week of October 7-14, 2012

By Ellen Zucker | October 7, 2012

The tide has indeed changed now that four planets have shifted signs within the past week. Venus entered discerning Virgo toning down the rhetoric and reminding us that relationship devils are in the details.

Enhancing that critical eye is the entrance of Saturn and Mercury into Scorpio helping us to recognize that words unspoken and what lies below the surface is at least as important as that which we see. The duo in the watery sign also tell us that insight revealed by your instinct-your intuition-is the key to understanding the whole picture. And, lastly, Mars, which entered Sagittarius last night, reminds us despite our search for motive and understanding, it is important to align our actions with a path forward.

When planets enter a new sign, they bring in new energies. Our task is to adjust and integrate them. The Universe helps us by building in lots of downtime. That doesn’t mean you can just loaf away. Just that it is best to schedule lots of time to stay with routine tasks and carefully time initiatives. This is shown by the lengthy void-of-course moon periods in store for the next couple weeks. Do pay attention to the idle thoughts that percolate. There are gems of wisdom there.

Reinforcing this advice is that we are on the last week in the lunar cycle. Time is best used to attend to details and tie up loose ends.

Sunday, Oct 7: The star of today’s celestial outlook is the fight Mars picks with Neptune. Except that Neptune is so hard to pin down. Focus will return tomorrow. Instead use the time for meditation or just take a good swim.

Monday Oct 8: Monday marks the first of our extra-long moon void periods. Kick back and enjoy the day or just stick to routines. A pleasant Sun/Jupiter aspect infuses the mood with optimism, yet another with Venus/Pluto eases the way to deep conversation.

Tuesday, Oct 9: The moon enters extraverted Leo at 7:55 am bringing the entrance of the drama queens. Fluctuating moods are the theme as the moon contacts a constantly changing succession of planets throughout the day. With Mercury dancing with Pluto enables you to pick up on the deep heart-to-heart you were having yesterday.

Wed, Oct 10: The day flows easily as the moon’s aspects are easy ones. Saturn trines Neptune tells you that you can dream your dreams but then create a plan to make it reality. Void moon at 5:40 pm. See above.

Thurs, Oct 11: Moon is void. Again, routines rule and a laid back approach is best. Finally at 3:23 pm, moon enters Virgo to simultaneously oppose Neptune and sextile Saturn. Double check details.

Fri, Oct 12: Given the large amount of time that the moon has been void all week, finally we have a workday when this condition is not in play. Take advantage of it to implement new action.

Sat, Oct 13: Another void day–at least until 7:02 pm when moon enters Libra. Then get out and socialize.

Sun, Oct 14: An easy day. Spend time with those you care about.

Want to learn more? Listen to my webcast on Wednesday at 8:30 pm or sign up for my free newsletter Celestial Currents.

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Ellen Says: Week of September 30-October 6, 2012

By Ellen Zucker | September 30, 2012

Welcome to the month of October.

The celestial currents are moving swiftly. This is a week of shifts and turn around awaits.

It feels as if we are riding a meteor hurtling towards the unknown. While rocketing at the speed of light, we are working hard to integrate the massive shifts already made in the past few months.

Before this week is over, four planets will shift into new signs while one, Jupiter, does an about face. Two of these, Mercury and Saturn move into Scorpio showing us that we must look reality squarely in the eye; they unveil the whole enchilada, not just the bits that we want to see. They greet Neptune as they make their grand entrances; creating an opening to strengthen your spiritual connection.

In the meantime, use the first half of the week to tidy up loose ends before the onset of the new energies.

Yet Jupiter’s influence colors the week’s events as it slows to a stop in preparation to its annual about face. In Gemini, Jupiter tend to bring in information overload, or is it just the plethora of campaign commercials?

Sunday, September 30: Yesterday’s full moon intensity is still with us but moon’s afternoon greeting to Jupiter helps us see the bigger picture. The message for this weekend is that by cleaning out the detritus of your life you let in fresh air. And the light and optimistic feeling you experience this pm illustrates exactly that.

Monday, October 1: Watch the pedal on the metal on the morning commute, but the workday is pleasant enough until a big thud at quitting time. This is when Saturn opposes moon at 6:32pm and the moon goes void. We come down to earth at 7:26pm when moon enters solid Taurus. Tonight, relax, watch a good movie and take some time out to meditate.

Tuesday, October 2: Slow and steady wins the race says the tortoise. The key is to simplify and build on solid ground. Finalize financial matters.

Wednesday, October 3: Venus enters detailed-oriented Virgo where she promptly runs head on into Neptune. First we dream. But nit-picky details disturb the reverie. Ultimately, it’s by tending to details that brings the dream to reality.

Thursday, October 4: The day is filled with activity and chatter as it seems that everyone has something to say. Jupiter does its pivot today although it will remain motionless for a couple more days. There’s just too much paper and everything is just a little bit out of control. Just go with the flow.

Friday, October 5: Mercury, then Saturn enter Scorpio today. Under the chatter, people want to get serious and more intense. It is not enough to debate and have lofty intellectual discourse. It’s time to pay attention to what your body and gut have to say, make a decision and then commit wholeheartedly. Meditation and strengthening your spiritual connection is the way forward.

Saturday, October 6: Saturday’s moon is void until evening. Until then, the Universe is gifting us with this time to kick back, relax and integrate the new energies. Deep massage or any activity that helps you to move within is particularly beneficial now. At 8:45pm Moon moves into Sagittarius when the mood lifts.

In the past weeks, all of us have experienced a world beset by headlines of insanity, violence and mayhem. And if a planet or two or an angle or two your birth chart has been in the path of 2012’s celestial hurricane, it feels as if your life has been insane. The reality is that you are giving birth to a new you and shedding those parts that are no longer serving you.

The gift of this week’s Jupiter station is its ability to help you focus on the big picture–to show how the puzzle pieces of your life fit into a larger pattern. If you are trying to make sense of where life is leading you and you’d like some objective, outside perspective, this is an excellent time to consult with an astrologer. Click here to learn more. 

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Ellen Says: Week of September 23-29, 2012

By Ellen Zucker | September 23, 2012

Welcome to Autumn. Yesterday at 10: 49 am, the Sun crossed the equator, and the hours of daylight and darkness were equal. Now, in the northern hemisphere, the hours of darkness will increase and days will continue to shorten.

The Autumn equinox is a crossraods. It warns us of the coming winter. During the first six months of the astrological year which begins in the spring, the focus is on ourselves. But now the energy of astrological signs pushes us outward to deal with the community. That is because survival through the harsh winter season is more certain when enlisting the cooperation of others.

Libra is the first step. Its focus is on one-to-one interactions, ie. partnerships. While Libra is associated with marriage and romantic relationships in the world of sun sign horoscope columns, it is much more nuanced and inclusive than that. Any type of partnership falls under the umbrella of Libra. This includes two businesses seeking to work together, partnerships with friends, consultants, etc.

The core purpose of Libra is to seek and create harmony. Harmony can take many forms. The work of artists and designers involves creating pleasing arrangements of shape, color and other characteristics to produce beauty. Diplomats and negotiators aim for a common understanding among differing parties to advance a common goal.

Given the turbulent times in which we live, harmony is harder to achieve than ever, but never more necessary. People born under the sign of Libra and those in which the sign is prominent have their work cut out for them these days.

In the past week, the energies of Uranus and Pluto reached a peak of intensity. The two planets formed an exact 90 degree aspect, a square which is a dynamic configuration. Both planets move very slowly and we will feel their pressure with varying degrees of intensity until they finally go their merry ways in 2015.

When a configuration remains active for such a long time it continues to build energy waiting until some other event releases it. The faster moving inner planets; the Sun, Moon, out to Mars, will from time-to-time, pair up to form temporary configurations. These will act as triggers, releasing the built-up Uranus/Pluto energy.

If your birth chart is directly impacted you will feel the energy play out as an event that pulls you in or a development of a storyline revolving around a thorny issue that affects your life in a profound way. A part of your life is dying and you are giving birth to a new reality and a larger perspective.

For the rest, we get to observe much like an audience at a long running drama. But the changes unleashed by the two powerhouse planets are changing the way we live in this world in a very profound way. Those changes will affect all of us whether our charts are in the crosshairs or not.

Sunday, September 23: Balance is elusive as Neptune in Pisces pulls us into fantasyland and Capricorn moon pushes us to get down to business and get grounded. The key is to make an allowance for both.

Monday, September 24: Shoulder to the grindstone is the way to go. It’s back to work with an emphasis on pragmatism and common sense. No sneaking out early as the boss is watching. The mood lifts at 7:32pm when the Moon enters Aquarius.

Tuesday, September 25: Being open to a new idea or a different approach opens doors. This evening get out and socialize. Talk and news flows easily.

Wednesday, September 26: Communications flow easily in the morning as Communicator Mercury plays well with Jupiter. Men are from Mars and women from Venus? Moon’s contacts with Mars and Venus at lunchtime throw in dissonance. Feelings are easily bruised.

Thursday, September 27: As Moon moves into Pisces in the overnight, energy shifts from an mental, intellectual emphasis to that of feeling. We are more tuned into emotional undercurrent and our intuition. Meditation is a good outlet.

Friday, September 28: The moon continues through Pisces and we absorb the energies in our environment for better or worse. Tension rises as Sun moves towards a 180 degree aspect to planet of shock and awe, Uranus. The Uranus/Pluto square is triggered over the next two days; expect surprises and further development in themes highlighted this past June and last week.

Mars makes a benevolent aspect with the moon in the evening. Get out and see a good movie or theater production.

Saturday, September 29: Moon moves into Aries at 9:14 am and energy levels rise picking up steam . Sun forms a 90 degree aspect with Pluto shining the light on something that had been kept in the dark. The evening’s full moon is a potent one bringing in the pent up energies of the Uranus/Pluto powerhouse. Developments and simmering tensions come to a head. Those with planets or angles at or near 6/7 degrees of Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer will feel this most. There is a larger purpose to what is happening, but you are too close to see it now. This, too, shall pass.

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Ellen Says: Week of September 15-22, 2012

By Ellen Zucker | September 16, 2012

Last call if you are thinking of attending my workshop, Epic Power of the Planetary Alignments. It takes place today at 1:00 pm. For more information, click here.

Last night’s new moon in Virgo highlights initiatives dealing with organization among other things. With that in mind I am reorganizing this space to offer astrological updates on a weekly basis rather than a daily one. This will not only be a lot easier on me, but offer you a larger perspective on the week ahead.

This week is one of the most pivotal in the year. This is particularly true if your birth chart has been in the bulls eye of the current astrological storms. And the star of the week is our friend, Pluto. If not, then you will be in a position to observe as these energies play out in the news and with those around you who are currently being touched directly.

It starts out benignly enough this morning as both Moon and Mercury enter Libra where a veneer of grace and charm colors our communications and dealings for the next two days. It also ushers in Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. L’ Shana Tova to my Jewish friends.

Monday is a day to engage in negotiations as both Venus and Jupiter make benevolent aspects. People are willing to cooperate and go the extra mile – at least on the surface. But turmoil going on beneath the surface will become more apparent as the week unfolds.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, whose domain covers all that is connected with death, decay, regeneration and rebirth has been traveling retrograde since April and he is about to pivot. That ends Tuesday when he is motionless in the sky about to resume direct motion and release the pent up energy, but you will feel this effect for much of the week.

The moon also travels to Pluto’s sign, Scorpio, adding to the intensity. Allow yourself and others extra space as deep emotions are coming up now and people are touchy. On the other hand, if you are actively engaging in deep cleaning, purging, or healing of any kind, this is your time.

Issues related to Pluto that have been on hold will begin to move. Expect a new development or the revealing of hidden information. Pluto, ultimately, is a healer and a transformer. His challenges help you to shed excess baggage, both mental and physical, to strip you to your essence so that you can learn just how powerful you really are.

On Wednesday, the Uranus/Pluto square, already tight this past summer, becomes mathematically exact for the second time. It is the second pass out of seven it will complete before the two planets separate in 2015. Uranus/Pluto is a longer process. Expect a replay of themes that came up during the second half of June when it made its first pass.

The mood lightens when Moon enters Sagittarius on Thursday. But with the communication planet, Mercury, forming a ‘t’ configuration with the Uranus/Pluto square, expect fireworks and startling news. And expect that news to travel quickly.

Finally, things cool down on Friday as the moon makes generally benevolent aspects. Let your hair down, you deserve it.

Saturday brings the Autumn Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra and the season of Fall begins. With this new energy, the task of integrating the events of this week begins.


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Ellen Says: September 15, 2012

By Ellen Zucker | September 15, 2012

Tonight the moon is dark. It has completed its monthly revolution around the Earth and it is now ready to meet the Sun where it will be recharged. This event is commonly known as a new moon and it launches a new monthly lunar cycle.

Each month, the new moon advances one astrological sign. So last month’s new moon took place in Leo and tonight’s meeting will take place at 23 degrees of Virgo (at 10:11 pm Eastern).

Just as the Moon is recharged, so are we. The monthly new moon is a fresh start.

The sign and house placement of the new moon, or lunation as astrologers call it, describe an area of focus for the coming month.  During the first two weeks of the moon’s cycle, when the moon is waxing or gaining in light is the optimum time to begin new projects and activities. The second half is the time to wind them down.

In Virgo, the lunar cycle is an excellent time to engage in activities that involve organizing, tabulating or counting such as accounting and bookkeeping, beginning a new health regimen, engaging with small animals and pets. In Virgo you are preparing for the next phase where the focus changes from yourself to engaging with the outside world and you want to be ready.

This particular lunation also kicks off a tendentious period when the planetary gods are in high gear. This coming week in particular highlights one of the most pivotal weeks in the year. I will write more about that in more depth tomorrow.

I will also be speaking about that in detail tomorrow when I present a workshop hosted by Donna Meyer at Awakenings Connection tomorrow, Sunday, Sept 16th at 1:00 pm. Not only will I cover the unusual and highly charged astrological conditions that shape 2012 and beyond, you will be able to bring your chart and we can get up close and personal. For more information, visit http://www.awakeningsconnection.com/event/harnessthepower or call Donna at 856 336 5591.



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