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A Mercury Retrograde Tale

By Ellen Zucker | June 30, 2013

Given that Mercury turned retrograde this past Wednesday, you may be feeling its effects.

We astrologers are not immune to its disruptions as the following anecdote illustrates.You may know since the mid-90’s, I have made myself available for party entertaining as a caricature artist as well as my Tarot and astrological services (check it out here if you are curious).

I received an urgent call from an artist colleague at 7pm this past Friday. She had been booked to draw caricatures for a company picnic this weekend. She had put the date down as today, Sunday June 30th, but had just learned that the event was actually taking place on Saturday, June 29th. Problem was she already had a confirmed booking scheduled for that time slot and she needed a replacement.

The event producer was adamant they told her the date was Saturday and she is equally adamant that they told her the date was Sunday. Unfortunately, she had no way to double check her calendar entry as the booking had not been followed up by written confirmation.

We caricature artists are a tight community and we help each other out when needed, so after making last minute changes to my own weekend commitments, I agreed to fill in.

The event was scheduled for noon to 4pm. I spoke to the event producer to confirm and nail down the details.

The next day I arrived promptly at 11:30pm, set up, and was ready and waiting at 12pm for the guests to arrive. The other vendors had also arrived and set up, including the caterer under a tent outside with lots of tasty picnic fare on the grill along with salads and condiments ready for hungry mouths.
12:00 came and went. No guests. 12:15, then 12:30 came and went. Still no guests.

Sometimes guests at large events are bussed in and depending on traffic conditions and other variables buses can run late. But I learned that the employees and their families were coming on their own.

12:45, then 1:00 pass. No guests.

As a party entertainer I am paid for my services by the hour. I had been contracted from 12pm, so the client was obligated to pay for me (as well as the other vendors), so the client was paying vendors good money for just hanging around.

At 1:15 I learn that the client’s organizer had the event scheduled from 2pm to 6pm, but the vendor contracts were written with the 12-4 times clearly spelled out. And sure enough, the guests began arriving at 2pm. After the potato salad had been sitting out for over two hours.

The moral of the story? Please, please, please double check your schedules and put your arrangements in writing. The read what you  wrote. This holds true anytime, but especially when Mercury is retrograde.

Have a Mercury Retrograde story? Please share!


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One Response to “A Mercury Retrograde Tale”

  1. dana wills Says:
    March 31st, 2016 at 4:45 am

    A comfortable place for Mercury of course, as it rules that Sign. So what it will be working on is the real and specific ‘tangible’ matters of life. Physical matters such as the maintenance of one’s body are re-emphasised.