Take Power Over Your Life Even During Times of Stress and Uncertainty

Is your family, career, or significant other driving you crazy? Are you up at night wrestling with business and money issues?

Or are you trying to discover your path and create a life that is truly rich and fulfilling?

My name is Ellen Zucker. I’ve found that when you are conscious of the forces in play in your life, you can work with them more effectively. And that helps you make better decisions and take control of your life even during times of stress and uncertainty.

I use the same time-tested, down-to-earth astrology and tarot tools that I have used for over 30 years to show you where you fit in the Universe. My goal is to connect you with your own strength and power so that you can make your life rich and fulfilling.

I offer my services in three ways:

Address a specific, immediate challenge. I offer telephone consultations to provide guidance on specific concerns or general life direction.

Take charge of your life by learning how to use Astrology and Tarot tools.

Share Tarot and Astrology with your friends in a social setting. Visit my sister site Faces & Fortunes for details.

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